How Suara tripled its video revenues with Dailymotion’s Picture-in-Picture Player

The Problem: A lack of engagement  

Suara, the leading digital news media in Indonesia, reaching roughly 45 million monthly page views, was facing a challenge in distributing and monetizing its video content. Their users were not engaged enough with their videos, scrolling too fast past them, which led to low viewable impressions and low monetization. 

The low viewability indicated that something was wrong with the user experience where their readers were not spending enough time on the page waiting for the video content to play. Whether the problem was in the placement of the video player or its behavior, for Suara, this meant that their content monetization efforts were not optimized. Delivering an engaging video experience to their readers and effectively increasing viewability to optimize their monetization became a key priority for Suara when they approached Dailymotion.  


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The Solution: A better experience with Dailymotion’s Picture-in-Picture  

With the objective of increasing their viewability, and helping them increase their video revenues, Dailymotion provided Suara with a video Player that addressed their needs directly, helping them improve both the user experience and Player behavior to create a more engaging watching experience. 

“We consulted with Suara to understand their needs and the first thing we advised them to do was to move the video Player from the bottom to the middle of the article to give it more visibility,” said Chul Hong, Vice President of Content, APAC, at Dailymotion. Placing the most important information above the fold ensures the user will see it without having to scroll, and by this content being video content, Publishers can maximize potential engagement and ensure that their audiences will spend more time on the page consuming their content.  

“The second advice was to enable the Picture-in-Picture feature on their pages,” added Chul Hong, VP of Content, APAC, at Dailymotion. “Picture-in-Picture allows users to watch videos in a floating window, so they can keep an eye on what they’re watching while interacting with other parts of the article. Dailymotion’s Picture-in-Picture with scroll-to-play feature ensures the videos are in-view and the user experience is not disrupted because the videos are delivered as part of the natural flow of the user experience.”  

Picture-in-Picture ensures that the video Player is always in view of the user, which guarantees viewable impressions while still offering a smooth and enjoyable experience for the users. Higher viewability and more time spent watching lead to more monetization of the video content. With full control over the Player, Suara can customize the Player behavior and control the ads that appear on the videos, optimizing the monetization of their existing video content while also increasing visitor engagement.  

“The and Dailymotion collaboration is part of our effort to help the public to get information quickly, completely, deeply, and reliably, especially in video content.”

Suwarjono, Editor in Chief at Suara

The result: Higher viewability and 3 times more revenue growth 

With the help of Dailymotion, Suara has been able to publish and monetize its video content more efficiently. Picture-in-Picture allowed them to better engage their readers and increase their revenues. After enabling the feature, they achieved:  

“The and Dailymotion collaboration is part of our effort to help the public to get information quickly, completely, deeply, and reliably, especially in video content,” said Suwarjono, editor in chief of 

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