HTML5 video player

Make Dailymotion’s HTML5 video player your own for free.


Performance at scale
Stream high-quality live and VOD at top speeds on a lightweight and fast loading player hosted by Dailymotion.
Cross-device compatibility
Enjoy a fully-featured player across all devices for a consistent viewing experience on mobile and web.
Stunning & customisable UI
Customize your player’s brand and behavior effortlessly in your Partner HQ or via our robust APIs and SDKs for a best in class experience on your websites and apps.
Engagement boosting features
Keep your visitors entertained and engaged with recommended related content, playlists, customizable playback effects and much more.

Player features

Feature Starter Advanced
HTML5, iframe-based video player
Brand customization & watermarking
Adaptive Bitrate streaming
Responsive design
Cross device compatibility
Chromecast, Airplay and OTT support
AMP compatible
Multiple-language support
Analytics integrations
Customizable playlists & relevant content recommendation
Accessibility features
Social sharing overlay
Player API and native SDKs
Slide to seek on mobile
Tap to unmute
In-screen video navigation on all devices
360° video and live support
Live streaming
Picture-in-Picture Technology
Autoplay and scroll to play customization
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