Take monetization to the next level with Smart Playback

No matter the environment, the Dailymotion Player adapts and delivers the video, instantly grabbing your viewers’ attention with the Smart Playback features to boost your monetization opportunities.

Deliver video with optimized performance

The Smart Playback features optimize the performance of the Dailymotion Player by ensuring consistent video delivery and creating an engaging watching experience for your audiences.

Deliver video on any browser
Smart Playback maximizes the chances of your video being played in all browser conditions. When a browser prevents autoplay with sound, the Dailymotion Player will adapt and resume playing the video muted.
Lazy loading for a seamless user experience
The Dailymotion Player’s lazy loading ensures that it only loads the most needed features first, making the Player faster while preserving the users’ data and bandwidth.

Maximize your ad revenues

The Dailymotion Player adapts to any environment to make sure that your videos will be delivered and seen by your audiences, maximizing quality opportunities to monetize your content.

Optimize performance to boost monetization
The Smart Playback ensures you don’t risk the first few vital seconds it takes to grab your viewers’ attention and increases time spent watching to boost your monetization opportunities.
Generate engagement to drive monetization
The Tap2Unmute feature allows users to unmute the autoplayed video with a single tap anywhere on the Player, generating more interaction and leading to higher viewability rates.
Ensure ad viewability
The FirstTimeViewabile feature triggers autoplay once the video is within sight to maximize viewable ad impressions and bring you more revenues on your video content.
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