Deliver endless content recommendations with the Dailymotion Player

The Dailymotion Player’s content recommendation engine with features like Player EndScreen and Dynamic Playlists keeps your users watching longer to bring more monetization opportunities.

Endless video content made easy

Easily integrate and manage the Dailymotion Player’s content recommendation features through the Partner HQ and boost your user experience with only a few simple clicks.

Robust recommendation engine

Dailymotion recommendation algorithms are tailored to Publisher needs with the ability to suggest from their channel or content vertical and update the recommendations with user interactions to bring fresh and relevant content that keeps them watching longer.

One step to endless content with the Player EndScreen

Get access to Dailymotion’s entire video inventory in one easy step and deliver relevant and engaging content recommendations that will keep your audiences watching longer.

Customize recommendations with Dynamic Playlists

Give your single videos more context by automatically building a smart playlist out of your own or third-party content to create a more engaging and fulfilling user experience.

Unlock your ad revenues

Better UX leads to better engagement
The Player EndScreen and Dynamic Playlists create a more intuitive and less intrusive user experience leading to more engagement and higher completion rates to give you more monetization opportunities.
Generate more impressions to boost monetization
Relevant content recommendations keep your audiences engaged and watching longer, generating more impressions that lead to more monetization.
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