Assure content safety with Dailymotion

Dailymotion strives to cultivate a safe video community for users, brands and content owners. We fight against fake news and pirated content to make the Internet a safer place. The Dailymotion Player integrates fraud prevention and detection tools as well as third-party viewability and audience verification tools to assure trust in our technology.

Fraud prevention and detection tools

The Dailymotion Player includes standard advertising fraud prevention and detection tools, like WhiteOps’s Media Guard, to provide real-time visibility and active protection against malicious bot activity without any additional cost or integration effort, making it easy to start monetizing your content.

Third-party viewability and audience verification

The Player includes third-party audience analysis services such as Comscore and Mediametrie to ensure trust in the audience and viewability data. The third-party technologies are plugged in automatically, requiring no need to be integrated or managed.

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