Player Technology

Deliver a flawless video watching experience on every device with the Dailymotion Player

The Dailymotion Player

Easily integrate, customize and manage our white label Player on all your digital properties at no cost to benefit from the Player’s robust features and effectively monetize your content.

Dailymotion Video Platform

Discover and distribute your videos to a global audience of 350M users in a brand-safe environment of premium Publisher content.


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Easily integrate and manage the Player

Cross-device compatibility

Enjoy a fully featured Player that delivers a high-quality video experience across all devices.
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Effortless Integration

Save your time and resources with the Dailymotion Player and easily integrate the out-of-the-box Player solution in one step.
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Full Customization

Customize the Player’s UI and behavior to reflect your own brand identity and reflect a best-in-class experience on your digital properties.
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Excellent Performance

Distribute your video content at high speed on all your properties with the lightweight and fast-loading Dailymotion Player.
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Enjoy robust features


Create a seamless and engaging watching experience and unlock more monetization opportunities with Picture-in-Picture.

Smart Playback

Grab your audiences’ attention and ensure viewability with the Smart Playback features.

Content Recommendation

Take advantage of the Dynamic Playlists and Player EndScreen to keep your users engaged and watching longer.

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology

Player API & SDKs

Get easy access to the Player API with our SDKs to gain full control of the Dailymotion Player.
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Make sure all your audiences can enjoy your content with the Player’s technical accessibility features.
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Stay reassured

GDPR & CCPA compliant

Automatically comply with GDPR and CCPA data privacy regulations to ensure that your viewers’ personal data is respected.

Content Safety

The Dailymotion Player includes fraud prevention and detection tools as well as third-party viewability and audience verification tools.