Website monetization

Monetize your website with videos that matter.


Global catalog of premium videos
Earn revenue by embedding premium video content from top publishers on your properties.
Revenue boosting features
Maximize your revenue thanks to features designed to keep your visitors entertained and engaged on your website.
High-quality demand
Get direct access to the high-quality demand you need to boost yield and maximize revenue thanks to our dynamic supply-side platform.
Seamless ad integration and management
Drive ad revenue by leveraging Dailymotion integrated ad platform or sell your own ad inventory by using your own monetization solution.

Website monetization features

Feature Starter Advanced
Built-in inventory monetization connected to all major demand sources
Compatible with third-party trackers (IAS, Moat)
VAST and VPAID compliant
Ads.txt compliant
Innovative ad formats
Monetization of third party content on owned properties
Compatible with multiple ad servers

Give your video their right value

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